Your Challenges…

  • Resolving incidents as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Getting access to key information at the scene of an incident such as guidelines, databases, pre-fire plans and mapping systems.
  • Capturing information at the scene of an incident in an accurate and efficient manner and documenting this in decision logs.
  • Responding to incidents in a consistent manner.
  • Reporting on incidents as they happen.
  • Being able to supply evidence to justify certain decisions post incident.
  • Traditional systems such as whiteboards, paper based systems and VMDS’s are restrictive in nature – they don’t have mobile capability, and they don’t support decision making.

How ICR can help you…

  • ICR empowers the incident commander to manage and record decision logs with complete confidence at the scene.
  • Mobility and accessibility – with the ICR™ app information is moved from the vehicle closer to the incident on the ground and into the hands of the incident commander via a mobile device.
  • Making jobs easier and safer - Officers can easily refer to standard operating guidelines (SOGs) through the app.
  • Response consistency - Instant access to a library of information supports the decision making process, improves consistency of the response and helps achieve compliance with procedures.
  • Remote access to updates - App prompts, alert the support officer to select a tactical mode throughout the incident. Remote access to incident information means the incident commander can at a click of a button be better informed as to the incident status.
  • Rich record of events - Supporting photos and notes, time and date stamped provides a richer more accurate record of events.
  • Reporting capabilities – automatic reports are produced for post incident review and justification of decisions.
  • The result is live incident management, efficiently handled, with concise and accurate reporting post incident that delivers justifiable decision support and incident assurance.

ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool



  • Provide Reasoned Justification for Actions

    Incident Commanders can provide reasoned justification for their decisions when responding to incidents. Capture Decision Logs, Tactical Modes, Dynamic Risk Assessments, Nominal Role Boards, Access Procedures, Aide Memoires etc. All available at the touch of a button on your Incident Commander’s Tablet.

  • Quickly Capture and Record Incident Command Decision

    ICR: Fire & Rescue™ enables Incident Commanders to quickly capture their decision log using a tablet. Select Stations, Appliances & Officers in Attendance from drop down lists as well as documenting Dynamic Risk Assessments, current Tactical Mode, as well as capturing notes & key photographs.

  • View Contemporaneous Decision Logs

    The Incident Commanders Decision Log can be viewed through any internet enabled device by Sector Commanders, Senior Officers and the Incident Command Mobile Unit. Data is displayed live on other tablets, PC’s or Laptops subject to connectivity.

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  • Automatically Compiled Decision Log

    ICR: Fire & Rescue™ automatically compiles a decision log and incident timeline justifying the decision making process of the command team throughout the incident. Ideal for use in active monitoring, post incident debrief & training also.

  • Mobility and Accessibility

    Information has been moved from the vehicle, closer to the incident ground and into the hands of the incident commander. Handheld devices are more accessible and user friendly. As a result, interaction with them is more frequent, intuitive and consistent.

  • Making Jobs Easier and Safer

    Officers can easily refer to standard operating guidelines (SOGs) through the app. The instant access to a library of information supports the decision making process when handling more unusual incidents, as well as helping to achieve compliance with procedures.

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ICR Mobile App
  • Response Consistency

    ICR™ helps to deliver consistency around the application of the National Incident Command System. You are prompted to record sectorisation, operational priorities, personnel on the fire ground and whether you need to request other services. The app supports that formalised structure.

  • Improved Communication

    The incident commander and command support officer are now better informed, with the ability to access information at the click of a button. Remote access means that officers at the station can access up to date Incident progress, as well as photographs directly from the scene.

  • More frequent progress updates

    App prompts alert the support officer to select a tactical mode. Throughout the incident, these prompts ensure more accurate information and updates are fed back to the control room at frequent intervals.

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  • Rich record of events

    Automatic time stamping helps map out the workflow of the incident, giving more accurate and complete information, should a review be necessary. Supporting images in context enable a much richer record of events.

  • Informative resource

    ICR™ acts as a rich resource and information hub that can be accessed on the fire ground. Having access to user manuals, databases and plans at the scene of an incident is invaluable.

  • Continuous improvement and training

    The information captured provides valuable training material, especially when unusual incidents occur and lessons are learned.

  • Cost savings

    Android tablets are relatively inexpensive compared to the rugged laptops that the fire service needed to maintain. Instead, the incident commanders have Samsung mobile devices with protective cases on their person at the fire ground.

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ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool

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