Incident Reporting

Reporting on key incident and crises is of paramount importance to understanding and reviewing how the incident has been handled in terms of; what went well, how improvements can be made, what corrective action needs to be taken and how to prevent the incident occurring in the future. Detailed reports can also be used as a powerful training tool, in audit situations or if questions are raised over how the incident was dealt with and if justifications need to be made.

Paper based reporting however is only as good as the information that has been inputted. It can have serious limitations in terms of human error, missing information, and inputting retrospective information.

Benefits of Incident Reporting

  • Justify key decisions made during an incident
  • Obtain a rich record of the incident for post incident review
  • Provides a great training and prevention strategy tool
  • Generate key metrics and KPI’s
  • Understand and map out the incident response process
  • Prevent future incidents

ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool

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How ICR™ can help you…

  •® automatically compiles a complete audit trail of every action & decision made during an incident and then presents collated information in a set of reports for your team.
  • Automatically generate and archive reports at the click of a button – save hours, days and even months compiling reports and audit trails using ICR™ reports.
  • View trending incidents, and analyse rich data easier than ever
  • Append supporting documentation to report post incident
  • Generate reporting metrics and KPI’s automatically
  • Filter and present data by organisation structure – reports are presented to users based on their permission levels, ensuring local teams can access reports locally on a need to know basis.