International Schools...

  • The International School Sector provides Education in English to hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide.
  • The safety of students, staff and school infrastructure are a top priority for International Schools.
  • Managing this diverse environment and ensuring ‘Business Continuity’ during an incident, brings with it many challenges.
  • Accessing documentation, building plans and incident processes and keeping them up to date
  • Lack of mobility and communication restrictions during an incident
  • Proactively responding to incidents as opposed to reactively responding
  • Keeping people and teams updated on incidents with accurate and up to date information

How ICR can help you...

  • ICR™ is a mobile application that captures data at the scene of incidents and relays that information to those who need it in real-time.
  • Mobility and accessibility - Handheld devices are more accessible and provide the ability to share live information off site to other key people remotely. As a result, incident information can be shared with ease and decision making can be made off site
  • Efficiency and consistency - action cards guide Incident Management Teams through workflows and procedures, improving and streamlining how incidents are handled. The app supports the Universities formalised structure
  • Connectivity - ICR™ connects with other technology i.e. satellite skins on mobiles even when there is no network, so backups are now in place
  • Multiple incident response - having a single point of source for crisis management enables multiple incidents to be dealt with simultaneously
  • Reporting - Automatic time stamping helps map out the workflow, giving more accurate and complete information, should a review be necessary. Reports are readily available for debrief with senior management.
  • Supporting images in context provides a richer record of events.

ICR: Your Incident Management Tool