State of the art, reliable and resilient

Founded in 2011 and with its headquarters in Ireland,® provides a state of the art, reliable and resilient mobile technology: ICR to businesses with an incident and crisis management and/or business continuity requirement globally.

The powerful App ICR is already used in over 70% of the Irish Fire and Rescue Services as well as in other industries such as Education, Life Sciences, and Food and Beverage to name just a few.

About Us –®

ICR™  was developed  to resolve the many challenges Incident Command Officers, Incident Response and Business Continuity Teams face when using traditional paper based management, recording and reporting of incidents. By utilising the latest technology ICR has revolutionised the way Incident Teams manage, record and report on incidents by using mobile technology as an enabler ICR has two main goals:


To minimise the impact of incidents, dangers to people and infrastructure, whilst leading to a quick resolution


To minimise the impact of an incident on the business, so that a business can easily record and report on the incident with minimum impact on business continuity.

ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool

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