All in One Easy to Use Software for Bespoke Checklists / Reporting and Incident Management.® provides a state of the art, reliable and resilient mobile technology: ICR to organisations with an incident and crisis / emergency management and/or business continuity requirements.

ICR is used by Health & Safety experts in industries such as Education, Life Sciences, Aviation and Food and Drinks Manufacturing alongside over 70% of the Irish Fire and Rescue Services.

About Us –®

ICR™  was developed  to resolve the many challenges Emergency Response, Incident Response and Business Continuity Teams, face when using traditional paper based management, recording and reporting of incidents. By utilising the latest technology ICR has revolutionised the way  your teams manage, record and report on incidents by using mobile technology as an enabler ICR has two main goals:


ICR™’s user friendly applications ensures your team have everything they need at a touch of a button, when they are called to respond to an incident or emergency. All team members have access to live incident updates regardless of global location.


Our software tool aids organisations with live bespoke reporting more efficiently, with time stamped daily / weekly / monthly checklists that include image capture capabilities - All in one easy to use platform.

ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool

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