Real-Time Data Capture

ICR is a mobile application that captures data at the scene of incidents and relays that information to those who need it in real-time.  The App provides a mobile central location for information storage that is accessible securely from anywhere. It also contains workflow, and Action Cards™ to help Incident control teams handle incidents in an effective and consistent way. ICR delivers a robust and reliable software platform for improved incident resolution and reporting, whilst ensuring business continuity no matter what level of incident institutions face.

ICR is used in a wide variety of industries where incidents and crises need to be managed as effectively as possible whilst having minimal impact on either production or business operations.

ICR™ is commonly used to handle, manage and report on:

  • IT / DR Incidents
  • Business Continuity
  • Health and Safety
  • Production Incidents
  • Operational Incidents
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Checklists

Our software tool aids the readiness, response and reporting of organisations in managing their incidents more efficiently.

How ICR™ can help…

ICR™ - Your Incident Management Tool

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