UK – Zenith Technologies

Authorised Regional Reseller - Zenith Technologies operate in the Life Science industry where the result of anything going wrong can be catastrophic in terms of waste of materials, energy and time; causing potential dangers to the health of employees or the public and divergence from a regulatory framework. With all processes there are risks associated with them. If an incident does occur it is important that it is dealt with in an efficient and well documented manner to reduce the impact and prevent it becoming a crisis. For Life Sciences in particular, incident management is used to better manage incidents and prevent further consequential damage.

Australia & New Zealand – Complete Crisis Solutions Pty Ltd

Authorised Regional Reseller - Complete Crisis Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian based consultancy specialising in crisis management, security services and emergency management. Our employees, senior associates and consultants have real world experience and come from a range of disciplines such as emergency services, maritime, aviation, military, government and law enforcement.