Nationwide Platforms (Lavendon Group plc) utilises Mobile Technology to transform their Incident & Crisis Management Systems on an International Scale


A single uniform and unified reporting system for Incident Control and Management

“ICR™ has provided Lavendon Group PLC with a single uniform and unified reporting system for Incident Control and Management. It enables our Incident Management Teams to handle incidents in a consistent and concise manner, whilst raising the profile and importance of Business Continuity Planning within the business. All of our plans and procedures are now up to date and in future, updates can be made across multi-sites with ease.
ICR™ has enabled each of our 27 sites to run regular incident test scenarios in which incident response activities are captured, and time and date stamped for audit purposes and to make improvements. During a real life crisis our Incident Response Teams are guided through pre-determined Action Cards or workflows to avoid error and remove reactivity from incident handling.
ICR™ delivers peace of mind that should an incident occur we have the right information in the hands of the right people, at the right time, for minimum impact and maximum resolution. Its mobile nature gives us the flexibility we need to ensure incidents are handled in the best possible way, whilst its data capture function ensures nothing is missed.”

Matt Adams, Project Manager,

Lavendon Group PLC

Project Results and Customer Benefits

  • Centralised Global Management System

    ICR is configured in line with the organisational structure of the group. By doing so, we have been able to centralise their global business continuity / incident management system.

  • Self Administered

    From their group office, Lavendon Group plc has full control over the administration of their system. Trained super users can build, maintain & deploy up to date plans across their organisation at the click of a button.

  • Multi-Lingual

    User friendly web & mobile applications are translated in each user’s preferred language i.e. German, French, Flemish, English & Spanish. This ensures that the user can easily navigate the software in their own language and in turn can respond quicker when dealing with an incident.

  • Deployed to Mobile & PC

    Plans, contact information, documents & drawings etc. are deployed instantly to designated users on their mobile device, pc or laptop ensuring at all times, they have access to the latest versions.

  • Standardised Group Wide Response

    Action Cards™ have standardised the response of users across the organisation ensuring incidents are dealt with in the same way. By doing so, the client minimizes human error, and has increased the effectiveness of the response.

  • Live Incident Reporting

    ICR™ provides a live incident log, available on mobile, pc or laptop. This ensures the leadership team can be kept up to date with the latest developments regardless of their physical location.

  • Connected Teams

    ICR™ connects teams during incidents through the ICR™ mobile & web apps which act as a common platform for discussion, task tracking and instant messaging.

  • Automatic Report

    We now save the client hours, days and even months by automating incident reports and metrics. Now, they have instant access to key data from across their group which can be printed easily or used for planning processes.

Removing the risk from Business Continuity Planning

“During our company risk assessment our Business Continuity Planning System which was paper based – was highlighted as a potential risk to the business if an incident did occur. Our processes needed improving to ensure incidents could be handled in the best possible way, ICR™ has negated that risk.
After researching multiple software products, none fitted the bill as closely as ICR™. ICR™ has been developed specifically for our industry to deliver multi-site incident reporting. It acts as a silo of data and information that is easily drilled into to get relevant information quickly. It reduces the risk of having inaccessible and out of date data that our Incident Response Teams can’t get to when they need it. Its compatible nature integrates directly into our HR System ensuring all contact information is current and accurate. It is flexible enough to transfer incident handling from one device to another depending on responsibility. “

Chris Nightingale, Quality Manager,

Nationwide Platforms