Quick Facts



  • Plans Are Easily Updated

    DKIT now benefit from the ability to have all CMT members using the most up to date plans on their mobile apps.

  • Mobile Apps Help Responders

    ICR™ Apps provide step by step decision support directly whilst enabling access to relevant plans, checklists, contact directories & procedures quickly & consistently in order to make well informed timely decisions.

  • CMT Can Remotely Manage Crises

    All member of the crisis management team have now got 24/7/365 access to Real Time Information during a crisis, on line & on mobile, from anywhere in the world.

  • Clear Lines of Communication

    ICR™ enables clear communication channels across the organisation during a crisis. ICR™ also integrate with Student SMS Broadcast System for notifications to students.

  • Automated Reporting

    ICR™ captures & records all inputs into the system, thus reducing time spent afterwards investigating & gathering information.