ICR: Fire & Rescue

  • Live incident at Education Establishment

    Recent Fire at Pendleton College has sent a reminder to other education establishments to ensure appropriate incident control, management plans and procedures are in place and fully accessible. The Incident A ‘severe’ fire broke out at 10am on the second floor media room of Pendleton Sixth Form College, UK on the 19th of May causing initial panic, with flames and plumes of black smoke coming from the windows. Although the fire was quickly brought under control and all staff and students were all able to escape uninjured, colleges across the country have been questioning how they would react to a similar incident. Over 40 firefighters were called out to tackle the large fire, with crews wearing breathing apparatus tackled the …

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  • The New Year brings exciting new enhancements for Incident Command Software ICR: Fire and Rescue™

    Incidentcontrolroom.com® (ICR) are pleased to announce a major new release of their ICR: Fire and Rescue™ application developed specifically for the Fire & Rescue service across Ireland and the UK. The new enhancements & features will be accessible to all customers from 1st February 2016, and in many cases will be automatically updated on tablets. Through intelligent investment and product development, ICR: Fire and Rescue™ is continuously making significant enhancements of its incident command software, which is well known for giving Incident Commanders complete confidence when recording their incident command decision logs. The additional features of the latest release are derived from developing customer requirements and feedback, as well as key industry drivers. “Customer partnerships is a key driver for …

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