ICR: Incident Management

  • 12 things to consider when buying an Incident Response Software

    12 things to consider when buying an incident response software

    How are you trying to help in your organisation? It is important to understand what your organisation is trying to fix before thinking about sourcing an appropriate incident response solution. So identifying your organisation incident response needs is the first place to start: Does your organisation have a problem getting information through to the right people during an incident? Does your organisation struggle with responding to an incident in an effective manner? Do your teams constantly struggle to access up to date documents, drawings, information etc.? Once a more detailed plan has been identified, then you can start thinking about an incident response software that can help aid your organisation. Have you explored in-house options? In our experience that SharePoint, …

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  • From to Chalk to Marker to ICR Whiteboards

    The use of White boards for tracking information during a Crisis or Business Continuity event have become priceless in the last number of years. White boards correctly laid out in your Business Continuity / Crisis Control Centre.are great for gathering information, assisting in decision making, tracking actions and issues during an event. But what happens; When the boards start filling up, When your Control Centre isn’t accessible, When you are trying to describe a scene that someone has told you about on the phone, When there is no more space on your recognised current situation board, When the note taking isn’t legible to all, When the information being put on the boards is third hand, When the number of scribes required …

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  • 10 Tips – Creating Great Crisis Management Team Workflows

    10 Tips to create Crisis Management Team workflow

    Workflows, when done right can provide enormous support to your crisis management team when they are called to respond to incidents / crises. So, we’ve produced for you 10 workflow tips to support your crisis management procedures:   1. Think executive summary not “War and Peace” – Your crisis management team spend most of their time working on the business and not necessarily in the business, so when your preparing your workflows, keep it concise and to the point. 2. Make the workflow role specific – Each member of the team is expected to respond to crises as per plan. Build workflows that will support their decision-making and demonstrate compliance with the established plans. 3. K.I.S.S. – Before ICR™, I …

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  • Crisis Management Teams need to use workflows

    Crisis Management Wokflow

    When most people think of workflows they think of complicated flowcharts but we think of workflows like a checklist that can support your crisis management team during an incident. For us, each step in a workflow has a specific step before it and a specific step after it, with the exception of the first step. In a linear workflow (which is a checklist), the first step is usually initiated by an outside event i.e. an incident which results in someone having to do something. That person follows the workflow step by step until the incident comes to a close. So, here are 5 reasons why your crisis management team need workflows: Incidents don’t happen that often – Your senior leadership …

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  • Manage Business Continuity Incidents & Reduce Risk

    Business Continuity

    How to manage Business Continuity incidents better Every Business has a Rhythm Businesses by and large operate in steady state i.e. there is a rhythm to their normal operations that has developed over time. Manufacturers produce goods, goods are delivered to customers, customers consume those goods and in turn create further demand for manufacturers. In the background people and process support the activities of the business to ensure that the rhythm is maintained. But what if an Incident occurs? For these businesses, incidents can disrupt the rhythm of a company, disappoint customers and lead to unplanned costs. Ultimately this isn’t good for business. And because incidents come in all manner of shapes and sizes such as IT Incidents (payment systems going down for …

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  • Stadium Incident & Crisis Management – Are you Prepared?

    On Sunday 15th May, Old Trafford, Manchester United’s football stadium was evacuated, in response to a suspect package found within the stadium. At the Manchester United stadium, the ground management team are responsible for ensuring the safety of spectators, this is similar at other sporting venues across UK and Europe. The stadium evacuation process at Old Trafford was conducted impeccably and all spectators were safely evacuated from the ground, and thankfully the threat turned out to be a hoax. The item that caused this disruption at the stadium was a training device which had been accidentally left following a training exercise involving search dogs. This device was signed out by the contractor as to have been recovered along with 13 …

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  • Winter is Coming – How to Respond to Severe Weather Incidents (Incident Response)

    Get your weather apps at the ready Goes without saying, but monitor weather forecasts & expect to be able to issue advance warning of Severe Weather conditions if required to your team. I find Accuweather particularly good.   Liaise with your team…but in advance Incident Response requires a team. Liaise with Facility Manager to monitor water supplies and also provision of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Organise repairs in advance as necessary.   Address pedestrian areas Co-ordinate with the facilities team to safeguard pedestrian areas and minimise the impact of high winds, ice, snow or flooding. Be sure to give priority to areas of high use.   Avoid work in isolated or high risk areas Make a judgement call and …

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  • ICR: Fire & Rescue™ (Incident Response Software) will launch in the UK at this year’s Emergency Services Show in Birmingham (NEC 23rd & 24th Sep)!

    We’re Excited to Announce that ICR: Fire & Rescue™ will be launched at this year’s Emergency Services Show! After a hugely successful campaign in Ireland where over 50% of the Fire & Rescue Services have adopted the technology in less than 12 months, we will launch the product in the UK. Incident Response Software quickly record key decisions ICR: Fire & Rescue™ (Incident Response Software) enables Incident Commanders to quickly capture their decision log using a tablet at the scene of incidents in real time. By doing so they will increase safety at the incident ground, and then demonstrate why they made those decisions following the incident. In built safety features also ensure they conduct dynamic risk assessments during the incident, …

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