• 10 Tips – Creating Great Crisis Management Team Workflows

    10 Tips to create Crisis Management Team workflow

    Workflows, when done right can provide enormous support to your crisis management team when they are called to respond to incidents / crises. So, we’ve produced for you 10 workflow tips to support your crisis management procedures:   1. Think executive summary not “War and Peace” – Your crisis management team spend most of their time working on the business and not necessarily in the business, so when your preparing your workflows, keep it concise and to the point. 2. Make the workflow role specific – Each member of the team is expected to respond to crises as per plan. Build workflows that will support their decision-making and demonstrate compliance with the established plans. 3. K.I.S.S. – Before ICR™, I …

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  • Crisis Management Teams need to use workflows

    Crisis Management Wokflow

    When most people think of workflows they think of complicated flowcharts but we think of workflows like a checklist that can support your crisis management team during an incident. For us, each step in a workflow has a specific step before it and a specific step after it, with the exception of the first step. In a linear workflow (which is a checklist), the first step is usually initiated by an outside event i.e. an incident which results in someone having to do something. That person follows the workflow step by step until the incident comes to a close. So, here are 5 reasons why your crisis management team need workflows: Incidents don’t happen that often – Your senior leadership …

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  • Manage Business Continuity Incidents & Reduce Risk

    Business Continuity

    How to manage Business Continuity incidents better Every Business has a Rhythm Businesses by and large operate in steady state i.e. there is a rhythm to their normal operations that has developed over time. Manufacturers produce goods, goods are delivered to customers, customers consume those goods and in turn create further demand for manufacturers. In the background people and process support the activities of the business to ensure that the rhythm is maintained. But what if an Incident occurs? For these businesses, incidents can disrupt the rhythm of a company, disappoint customers and lead to unplanned costs. Ultimately this isn’t good for business. And because incidents come in all manner of shapes and sizes such as IT Incidents (payment systems going down for …

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  • Incident Report – Rate your current methodology today

    Incident Report

    Part 3  – Incident Report  In a previous blog we asked you ‘Are your campus incident response teams ready?’  and a flow chart guided you through questions to find out if your university or campus was rated as unprepared, moderately prepared or very prepared if an incident arouse. The final stage after looking at response is reporting, this is to enable & establish if your reporting procedures work for you or if they could be improved to provide a richer record. Reporting on key incident and crises is of paramount importance when understanding and reviewing how the incident has been handled in terms of; What went well? How improvements can be made? If corrective action needs to be taken? Investigate …

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  • ‘Planning for the worst, hoping for the best’ – maximising the security and safety of your students

    security and safety of your students

    In the last few months’ campuses around the globe have been subjected to bomb threats, arson attacks, racially aggravated incidents, lone shooter incidents, as well as cyber-attacks – the list goes on and on. Some institutions have responded well, communicated clearly, having dealt with the incident appropriately and efficiently, thus reinforcing their reputation within the education sector. Others, less so and their reputation could suffer irreparable damage as a result. The safety of students and institution reputation go hand in hand It’s easy in both a professional capacity and daily life capacity to adopt an ‘it won’t happen to us’ attitude but no one is safe from the dangers schools face in this modern world. If you think that these …

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  • Live incident at Education Establishment

    Recent Fire at Pendleton College has sent a reminder to other education establishments to ensure appropriate incident control, management plans and procedures are in place and fully accessible. The Incident A ‘severe’ fire broke out at 10am on the second floor media room of Pendleton Sixth Form College, UK on the 19th of May causing initial panic, with flames and plumes of black smoke coming from the windows. Although the fire was quickly brought under control and all staff and students were all able to escape uninjured, colleges across the country have been questioning how they would react to a similar incident. Over 40 firefighters were called out to tackle the large fire, with crews wearing breathing apparatus tackled the …

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  •® announces Complete Crisis Solutions Pty Ltd as new Authorised Reseller for Australia & New Zealand® announces Complete Crisis Solutions Pty Ltd as new Authorised Reseller for Australia & New Zealand® have reaffirmed their commitment to delivering world class crisis management software to our customers by signing up a world class service delivery partner in Complete Crisis Solutions Pty Ltd for the Australian & New Zealand market.® is a cloud & mobile enterprise software application, designed to aid large single site & multinational organisations in managing incidents & crises. The platform provides customers across all Industries with a fully configurable enterprise platform to build customisable mobile applications which can then be used in a crisis. These applications are available on iPhones® & iPads® as well as Android™ devices, PC & laptops, and enable quick access …

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  • ICR Fire & Rescue Shortlisted for 2014 ISA Awards

    Hi, We’re incredibly excited to announce that ICR: Fire & Rescue has been shortlisted for this year’s Irish Software Awards under the Digital Technology Services Project of the Year Category which recognises projects that have delivered outstanding value to an end client (public or private sector) through the innovative use of digital technology. Over the past 18 months, ICR has been working tirelessly to support the men & women of the Irish Fire Services in their day to day operations when dealing with all manner of incidents, with a specific focus on health & safety as well as cost reductions. It’s the first end to end mobile solution specifically developed for the needs of our emergency services as a result of thousands of hours capturing the industry’s exact …

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  • ICR Fire & Rescue V2.0 is released today!

    We’re Excited to Announce that ICR Fire & Rescue V2.0 is released today! ICR Fire & Rescue is released today! If you’re an existing customer, you will get the release automatically, if you’re not, then there has never been a better time to start using the only Fire Service Incident Command Software on the market that has been specifically designed to support the Incident Commanders of the Irish Fire Service. What’s new? In addition to the great features & functionality of V1.0 such as checklists, local storage of SOG’s & Pre Fire Plans as well as the Digital Incident Command Board, we have spent the Summer working with Fire Services across the country understanding how to make ICR Fire & Rescue even …

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