Wednesday 12th June 2019

From to Chalk to Marker to ICR Whiteboards

The use of White boards for tracking information during a Crisis or Business Continuity event have become priceless in the last number of years.

White boards correctly laid out in your Business Continuity / Crisis Control Centre.are great for gathering information, assisting in decision making, tracking actions and issues during an event.

But what happens;

  • When the boards start filling up,
  • When your Control Centre isn’t accessible,
  • When you are trying to describe a scene that someone has told you about on the phone,
  • When there is no more space on your recognised current situation board,
  • When the note taking isn’t legible to all,
  • When the information being put on the boards is third hand,
  • When the number of scribes required becomes unmanageable,
  • When it comes time to gathering all the information from the event into a report,

These are issues and questions that we here at™ can solve and answer.

With our full suite of digitised white boards, we not only give you endless space to input your information but, information from the field is updated automatically onto your white boards from a smart device, including photographs as well as every interaction or decision made at the scene. Real Time information flow onto your ICR White Boards.

All Key Issues and Strategic Aims can be input onto the virtual white boards centrally and or remotely so greatly reducing the number of scribes required.

All Actions and decisions to be made are all captured digitally and displayed for all to view with built in status updates and timelines.

These virtual whiteboards can be viewed on a standard pc/laptop attached to a projector in your Business Continuity Control Centre or can be viewed and added to by those with adequate permissions on their Smart Device, laptop or PC’s no matter where they are in the world 24/7.

This is the way forward for Business Continuity / Crisis Management White Boards.

We’ve had the black board and chalk, we’ve had the white board and marker, now we have™.

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