Crisis Management Team Workflow Templates

Use this template to create Crisis Management Team Workflows

When most people think of workflows they think of complicated flowcharts, but we think of workflows like a checklist that can support your crisis management team during an incident and we call these workflows Action Cards™ (Crisis Management Team Workflows) – essentially a set of actionable steps in dealing with a crisis. Each step has a particular step before it and a specific step after it, with the exception of the first step. In an Action Card™ the first step is usually initiated by an outside event i.e. an incident which results in someone having to do something.

This template is designed to help you to:

  • Develop Action Cards™ that will support your crisis management team during a crisis;
  • Build a directory of contacts & documents;
  • Build Step by step responses to an incident;
  • Define documents & contacts that should be referenced at each step of the Action Card™;
  • Capture date & time stamps on completed actions;

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