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Calculating the cost of incidents is tough. And as more C-Level management demand quantification of bottom line costs relating to incidents, it is the job of the emergency / bcp / crisis manager to quantify those costs. Although difficult to quantify, we have developed this incident cost calculator to aid this process. Using this practical and easy to use excel spreadsheet, you will be able to quickly estimate the cost of incidents.

Plug your company’s data into the excel spreadsheet, enter the number of hours associated with each line item and the equations will automatically update. Feel free to customise this to your own organisation’s needs as required. Once customised to your organisation, the components of this template will help you calculate the cost of incidents in a method that is easily understood by your C-Level management team.

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  • Preparation is key to minimising the damage
  • Situational awareness with effective communication
  • Effective training tool – learn from previous incidents by contingency planning and future proofing
  • Appropriate procedures to ensure readiness
  • Return to normal operations with a faster, and a more efficient resolution

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