Tuesday 15th April 2014

Getting your Team in the Boardroom

We work in a 24/7/365 environment which is further compounded by the necessity to travel as part of our work. In a recent survey of our clients in the pharmaceutical & manufacturing Industry, we found that Senior Management / Director Level employees spent an average of 24% of the operating hours of their site, by being actually on site!. The remainder of the time is spent travelling along with evenings & weekends spent at home. So in the event of emergency these responsible persons are removed from the detail of the incident, relying on multiple telephone calls, SMS, Email’s and vague descriptions of the developing situation. The consequences of failing to understand in “real time”, the scale of the emergency or the impact it may have on the lives of employees, production downtime & market reputation are significant.

At Incidentcontrolroom.com™, we believe real time situational awareness is key to making business critical decisions that will mitigate the severity of your emergency. By facilitating Incident Control Managers to conduct their response and communication of the developing situation through clear & simple applications, we can then provide off site Senior Managers with “Real Time Situational Awareness” Software that enables:

  • Clear Understanding of the Severity & Scale of the Emergency;
  • Succinct Appreciation of the Developing Situation;
  • Collaboration of the Senior Management / Director Level Teams in a Virtual Incidentcontrolroom.com™;

The result is a faster & more efficient means of managing incidents remotely, regardless of physical location.