Your Challenges...

  • Managing incidents consistently across a business whilst minimising its effects
  • Incident drills and simulations highlight gaps in the emergency response process, you need a tool to close them
  • Guidance documents / plans / drawings are not as accessible as they should be
  • Little incident data is captured when responding
  • Communication during an incident is fractured, resulting in minimal or no live updates
  • Ensuring the safety and protections of the public, employees and facilities
  • Building and maintaining emergency response plans whilst executing them efficiently
  • Simulating meaningful training exercises

How ICR™ can help you...

  • ICR™ is a mobile application that captures data at the scene of incidents and relays that information to those who need it in real-time
  • ICR™’s user friendly mobile applications ensures your emergency response team have everything they need, when they are called to respond to an incident
  • Action Cards™ ensure your team are task focused and respond to each and every incident in a consistent & efficient manner
  • ICR™ whiteboards connect teams online and quickly gets them up to speed with live incident data. This data is also available on their mobile, pc or laptop
  • A user friendly centralized area for all crisis documentation can easily be updated
  • ICR™ automatically generates the Incident Report for you. The Incident Report is a date and time stamped audit trail of every action & decision made during an incident

The key value for Pharmaceutical Companies...

Features and Benefits

  • Centrally Manage Emergency Response Plans

    From one location; build, maintain & deploy ICR™ across your organisation at the click of a button. Ensure ERT’s have up to date information to deal with incidents on their mobile devices, with the minimum of administration efforts.

  • Sophisticated Permission Policies

    ICR™ allows you to retain full control of your system through a sophisticated and highly flexible permission policy that can be modelled on your organisational structure. Assign user access to folders of documents, drawings, Action Cards™, whiteboards, reports & metrics at the click of a button.

  • Deploy to your Team

    Users download our iPhone®, iPad® & Android™ mobile apps. Once logged in, ICR™ syncs with the server to update the app.

  • Emergency Response Team’s Apps

    ICR™ can be easily configured to manage all types of emergencies, in every type of organisation. The power of ICR™ ensures your team’s compliance with Plans, Procedures & Work Instructions.

  • Easy to Follow Action Cards™ on Mobile

    Standardise the response efforts of your team using Action Cards™. Quickly reference documents & contacts from within the app. By using ICR™ you can minimize human error, and increase effectiveness of teams when responding to emergencies.

  • Date & Time Stamp Actions Taken

    ICR™ ensures that accurate, date & time stamped information flows quickly to the right people for real time reporting. So you and the team can make better decisions.

ICR Mobile App


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