Monday 1st February 2016

The New Year brings exciting new enhancements for Incident Command Software ICR: Fire and Rescue™® (ICR) are pleased to announce a major new release of their ICR: Fire and Rescue™ application developed specifically for the Fire & Rescue service across Ireland and the UK. The new enhancements & features will be accessible to all customers from 1st February 2016, and in many cases will be automatically updated on tablets. Through intelligent investment and product development, ICR: Fire and Rescue™ is continuously making significant enhancements of its incident command software, which is well known for giving Incident Commanders complete confidence when recording their incident command decision logs.

The additional features of the latest release are derived from developing customer requirements and feedback, as well as key industry drivers.

“Customer partnerships is a key driver for our business, as our customers have a strong input into the development and direction of our products. The “ICR: User Group” in particular, is held twice a year to bring together our customers for a one day workshop. Here we have the opportunity as a group, to discuss the product, understand how our products are being used and then agree a roadmap for the delivery of key features. By doing this, we maintain a single software system, and have a clear development roadmap strategy to meet the needs of our customers. The success of the user groups has been seen in Ireland where in less than a year, we’re now working with more than 50% of the sector.” David McCarthy,® Founder & CEO.

By using state of the art, reliable and resilient mobile technology ICR: Fire and Rescue™ ensures your Incident Commanders should be able to provide reasoned justification for their decisions when responding to incidents. We know that keeping records, logging key events & critical decisions, as well as the the thinking behind these actions is difficult. Likewise maintaining contemporaneous records proves difficult using a traditional Incident command pack.  By utilising the features of ICR: Fire & Rescue™ your Incident Command Team can:

  • Date & Time stamp Stations, Appliances & Riders attending an incident;
  • Conduct Risk Assessments and Declare Tactical Modes;
  • Capture Photo’s, Notes and Sketches to a decision log;
  • Log a timeline of decisions quickly & easily from the app.

This new and enhanced version brings with it exciting new enhancements and end user benefits specifically around

  • View up to 10 previously closed ICB’s from the app
  • Ability to add supporting photographs, notes or sketches when declaring tactical mode
  • Check boxes added to Dynamic Risk Assessment to confirm it has been considered
  • Add Incident types from a drop down menu to aid reporting
  • Improved GPS Location
  • Further enhancement to the sketching functionality
  • User friendly 4 digit password now available enabled
  • Enhanced online / offline functionality

What’s more the app based design of the software means that upgrading to the latest version can be done at your convenience within a couple of minutes. Customers simply open the Google Play Store App, on their device and upgrade their software with ease, giving them access to the new features within minutes.

User: “Being App based really takes the stress out of upgrading our Incident command software, in a couple of clicks we have full access to the new version, plus we get to see that our input has resulted in new enhancements.”

For a full list of all the features and additional functionality now available please contact

For a demo of the software’s latest version contact David McCarthy at