Tuesday 10th October 2017

Crisis Management in the 21st Century (with Les Allan, Heriot-Watt University)

Crisis Management Software


We were delighted to have Les Allan, Director of Safety & Security Services at Heriot-Watt University joined David McCarthy (ICR Founder & CEO) recently to discuss how he and his team leveraged ICR (crisis and incident management software) to support his people on all safety, security and emergency planning matters across several University Campuses in the UK, Dubai & Malaysia as well as over 30,000 students.


Topics discussed:

Les gave his thoughts on all things Crisis Management having previously relied on a paper based system to record and store their crisis management plans.  Some of the topics covered included:

  • Importance of managing information to your gold, silver & bronze teams during an incident;
  • Managing a paper based/ manual process.
  • Creating plans that are flexible, intended for guidance / prompts.
  • Maintenance workloads to keep plans up to date across 5 locations.
  • Inefficiencies in dealing with incidents.
  • Benefits of having a standard approach to Incident & Crisis Management.
  • Communicating and keeping people up to date during an Incident.
  • Dealing with incidents outside of core working hours.
  • Difficulty in incident reporting in a large organisation;
  • Demo of Incidentcontrolroom.com® Mobile Application;

Crisis & Incident Management Software Demo:

Incidentcontrolroom.com® (crisis & incident management software) provides customers with mobile access to incident, recovery, crisis and brand protection plans on their mobile devices, as well as the tools to manage a crisis or event through role-based assignments and live status updates.

Incidentcontrolroom.com® is committed to helping organisations be better prepared when responding to incidents. We know that an easily accessible tool such as ICR, can keep people safe and all organisations to rapidly respond to incidents, as and when they occur. The solution makes the coordination, collaboration, and follow-through of response during an incident more transparent and auditable.

For a demonstration and to see how we can help you transform you’re crisis management plans please contact us here.