Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Incident Report – Rate your current methodology today

Incident Report

Part 3  – Incident Report 

In a previous blog we asked you ‘Are your campus incident response teams ready?’  and a flow chart guided you through questions to find out if your university or campus was rated as unprepared, moderately prepared or very prepared if an incident arouse.

The final stage after looking at response is reporting, this is to enable & establish if your reporting procedures work for you or if they could be improved to provide a richer record.

Reporting on key incident and crises is of paramount importance when understanding and reviewing how the incident has been handled in terms of;

  1. What went well?
  2. How improvements can be made?
  3. If corrective action needs to be taken?
  4. Investigate ways to prevent the incident occurring in the future?

Detailed reports can also be used as a powerful training tool, in audit situations or if questions are raised over how the incident was dealt with.

Take our test today and find out if your campus incident report procedures are adequate:

(Click on the flowchart image below to zoom in)


Incident Report Flow Chart


Did you score A or B – ICR: Campus Incident Control™ can help:

ICR™ automatically generates the Incident Report for you. The Incident Report is a date and time stamped audit trail of every action & decision made during the incident. Your Incident Reports are then available immediately following an incident. Metrics / KPIs are also generated automatically providing you and your team with analysis of incidents & trends across the organisation.

Download our free sample report template today


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