Monday 7th September 2015

ICR: Fire & Rescue™ (Incident Response Software) will launch in the UK at this year’s Emergency Services Show in Birmingham (NEC 23rd & 24th Sep)!

We’re Excited to Announce that ICR: Fire & Rescue™ will be launched at this year’s Emergency Services Show! After a hugely successful campaign in Ireland where over 50% of the Fire & Rescue Services have adopted the technology in less than 12 months, we will launch the product in the UK.

Incident Response Software quickly record key decisions

ICR: Fire & Rescue™ (Incident Response Software) enables Incident Commanders to quickly capture their decision log using a tablet at the scene of incidents in real time. By doing so they will increase safety at the incident ground, and then demonstrate why they made those decisions following the incident. In built safety features also ensure they conduct dynamic risk assessments during the incident, capture photographs, notes as well as sketch drawings.

View Live Decision Logs

The Incident Commanders Decision Log can be viewed through any internet enabled device by Sector Commanders, Senior Officers and the Incident Command Mobile Unit. Data is displayed in real time on other tablets, phones, PC’s or Laptops subject to connectivity.

Automatically compiled Decision Log report

Following the closure of an incident, ICR: Fire & Rescue™ automatically compiles a decision log report clearly demonstrating the due diligence of the incident commander throughout the incident. Date & time stamp features are a great tool for post incident debriefing & training exercises also. At this year’s Emergency Services Show, come and see something worth your time – a demo of ICR: Fire & Rescue at Stand K28.

For more information on ICR: Fire & Rescue™ (Incident Response Software) please check out our dedicated page here.

David McCarthy
Founder & CEO®