Wednesday 24th August 2016

Rate the Incident Response on your Campus

Incident Response Test

Are Your Team’s Incident Response Ready?


In our last blog we asked you ‘How would you rate the readiness of your campus to handle incidents’ and a flow chart guided you through questions to find out if your university was rated as unprepared, moderately prepared or very prepared. The next stage after looking at readiness is to look into incident response, to establish if plans and processes are in place to aid or hinder response.

Take our test today and find out how your campus rates for incident response:


Incident Response Test

Did you score A or B – ICR: Campus Incident Control™ can help:


ICR™’s user friendly mobile applications ensures your team have everything they need, when they are called to respond to an incident. Documents, Contact Information & Action Cards™ ensure your team responds to each and every incident in an effective & consistent manner.

Features include:


  • Password protected login;
  • Multilingual interface (supports English, French, German & Spanish);
  • Use Action Cards™ to manage incidents & capture key information;
  • Date & time stamp actions completed;
  • Supports multiple contributors to an Action Card™;
  • Access hyperlinked documents & contacts within the Action Card™;
  • Touch to dial contact information (mobile phones only);
  • Send short predefined SMS & email to groups quickly;
  • Capture photographs from the incident;
  • Take notes (supports voice to text);
  • Access information, and execute Action Cards™ when offline;
  • Send Action Card™ logs to the whiteboard when connected;
  • View whiteboards on the mobile applications in real time;

Key Feature: Action Card™

An Action Card™ is a configurable checklist that guides you and your team from start to finish through their specific responsibilities during an incident. Action cards are deployed to members of your team on their mobile device, and when needed most they are available.

The Action Card™ ensures compliance with your organisation’s plans & procedures by ensuring that each action within the card is date & time stamped to a incident log for real time & post incident reporting purposes.

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