Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Manage Business Continuity Incidents & Reduce Risk

Business Continuity

How to manage Business Continuity incidents better

Every Business has a Rhythm

Businesses by and large operate in steady state i.e. there is a rhythm to their normal operations that has developed over time. Manufacturers produce goods, goods are delivered to customers, customers consume those goods and in turn create further demand for manufacturers. In the background people and process support the activities of the business to ensure that the rhythm is maintained.

But what if an Incident occurs?

For these businesses, incidents can disrupt the rhythm of a company, disappoint customers and lead to unplanned costs. Ultimately this isn’t good for business. And because incidents come in all manner of shapes and sizes such as IT Incidents (payment systems going down for instance), Operational Incidents, Health & Safety Incidents (someone gets hurt), Product Incidents (such as a recall), or Quality Incidents, it is nearly impossible to be “ready” when one occurs.

Who or what in your business do you rely on to deal with Incidents?

Well, most companies, (I would say 99.99%) rely on their people (and their process of course) to respond to Incidents. Whether that means an Incident occurs at 4am or 4pm, their people are the ones who will respond and attempt to deal with incidents as per the pre-planned process. They will refer to relevant documents & procedures where necessary and will communicate with those who need to know where possible. In some regulated industries, they will record their actions as best they can, knowing that post incident, their decision making may be scrutinised. It’s a highly

Reduce Business Continuity Incident Risks

What if there was a better way to support your people?

Well of course there is a better way, but what if a tool could give your people the information they need, when they need it most? What if it could guide them in managing an incident using the business’ predefined plan? What if it could record actions taken in the background, communicate with relevant teams and at the end of it all produce a report that can stand up to scrutiny?

Manage business continuity incidents better and reduce your business risk

Using® you can resume your normal steady state operations quicker by supporting the people that respond to incidents with better way.® supports your people during Incidents….and it does it well.® (Incident management software) supports your people with a simple tool that guides them step by step through every incident that may occur. It records actions taken in the background, provides the information they need at their fingertips and connects teams in real time ensuring they have the latest updates wherever they are in the world. When the incident is over it compiles a report that will demonstrate the due diligence of your team during the incident…. now how simple does that sound?

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